As the owner of a hospitality business having up to date management information at your fingertips is vital to the success of your food and beverage business.

MWA specialises in accounting for the hospitality sector and will help you streamline your bookkeeping by making it digital and almost entirely automated.

Cloud based accounting allows you to stay on top of your margins for both your wet and dry menu lines and respond to increases in wholesale produce lines accordingly adapting quickly to changes in customer behaviour.

We understand your passion lies with your products and whether you are a micro-brewery, a market trader, or a chain of restaurants we can provide hands-on support with your tax, VAT, invoicing, business planning and payroll giving you the time to do what you love.

We understand that some of the complex financial side of running a hospitality business is not where you want to spend your time, and we can do as much or as little as you like from tax returns to a full virtual finance department solution.

Working with a broad range of food and beverage businesses we understand the challenges unique to your business and clients benefit from our unique and shared insight across our client portfolio.

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  • App for all your expenses and invoices
  • Regular up-to-date bookkeeping
  • Always available for any queries
  • Maximise tax relief for expenses, equipment and financed assets
  • Forecasting - previewing how changes will affect your profit and cash
  • Advice on business structure for tax savings and overall ambitions, growth and goals

Why should Hospitality businesses
choose MWA?

In the last decade the food and beverage industry has gone through massive changes and has quickly evolved to market needs. Hospitality is now a vibrant and diverse offering made up of not only the traditional restaurant model but also unique street food vendors operating in collaborative spaces and artisan marketplaces.
At MWA we understand what works for a micro-brewery with a food operation doesn’t necessarily work for a street food vendor or an artisan pizza maker. We get that for some new entrepreneurs some aspects of accountancy may seem overwhelming or complex.
We have years of experience providing accounting to the hospitality sector and we are committed to the dynamic changes of the food and beverage industry and can give you the best advice to grow your business.
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Bespoke hospitality packages
based on your needs.

Momentum - for those artisans on the move with their food offering. Whether its barge boats, tuk-tuks, markets, festivals or guest residency in food halls.
Expansion – established businesses needing a higher level of service. Mobile hospitality with multiple offerings, in-house in food halls or permanent site such as restaurants.
Fixed Abode - restaurants, wedding venues, hotels and bars generating a higher level of income that need full a full service solution.


“…thanks for all your hard work looking after us for the last six years. Richard and his team have provided the company with excellent service...”



"...MWA have never let us down. They have plenty of experience working with businesses in our sector and are well placed to provide knowledgeable and clear insight into our finances."



“…working with MWA has been a life saver...we're never more than a phone call away from practical business advice as and when we need it.”



There can be a huge number of reasons for this, one of the most important things to look at is the products that you’re selling, specifically are you making enough money on those products? After conducting a Gross Profit Review, it may be necessary to increase prices or reduce the cost of ingredients to make sure you’re making enough money to over your overheads and required profit.

With some basic forecasting you should be able to determine what level of pay rises you can give your staff without affecting your profit and what you need to do to your prices and gross profit to sustain this.

he first thing to consider is your resourcing – are you overmanned? Are there quiet times in the day which would be better dealt with by split shifts?

Consider whether it would be more cost effective to move hourly staff onto contracted wages. Additionally, we’ve had a lot of success with clients offering managers & supervisors performance related bonuses or profit shares based on certain KPIs.

The rule of thumb changes dependant on whether you’re a take away or fine dining restaurant, a restaurant or bar. Typical ranges for food costs would be 25%-35%, drink 20%-30%, kitchen staff 20%-30%, FoH staff 10%-20%

We have been working with businesses in the food and beverage sector now for almost ten years. Our client portfolio is heavily geared towards food and beverage clients so we are uniquely placed to understand the issues that are specific to the hospitality industry and can help you navigate them.

The reason we went down this route is that we found working within hospitality meant we were working for clients who were enthusiastic and specialists in their chosen food offering and this made the work exciting and the clients enjoyable to work with.

Honestly we've seen it all (until you prove us wrong) from ice cream from a barge boat to artisan bread and dough makers under the train lines right through to traditional Manc boozers and fine dining restaurants. 

We have a lot of experience working with clients that are located in food halls whether on a fixed or temporary basis as this model has grown in popularity over the years.

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