A New Look MWA...

It’s been several years since our first look at some branding and back then it certainly got us to first base.

Since late last year we have been working with branding agency Garage Design & Marketing to create a new look and feel set of brand assets to under pin our recently revived Vision and Mission.


The Brief…


We asked the agency to keep in mind a sense of locality being proud to be a Manchester based firm and we talked about some of the things we loved about the Manchester scene like the colours and shapes synonymous with Hacienda and the Madchester culture. Cue rolling eyes from the branding agency accounts + Madchester = not an easy task. Credit where credits due they came back with an array of options some we described as “glacial” and just too cool and ultimately the fab look and feel we have today. After 110 shades of grey, 400 shades of yellow and a fab web dev agency at VisionSharp we are proud to launch our fresh look and feel website, with big thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way.


logo (1).png